Denise DeCook, Senior Director - The Sterling Corporation
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Denise DeCook


Denise DeCook serves as a Senior Director at Sterling Corporation where she manages the political and campaign practice. As one of Michigan’s top political consultants, Denise specializes in developing winning strategies for political campaigns, providing expertise in message development, advertising, media and legislative relations, political finance management, and political and judicial fundraising.

As a Public Affairs and Political consultant with over 30 years of experience, Denise’s peerless understanding of the nexus between advocacy, policy, politics and the media, has equipped her to consistently produce results for her clients in the most challenging electoral and public affairs environments. Denise has been the most successful architect of Republican legislative majorities in Michigan history, participating in every Senate election since 1983, and helping the Senate Republican caucus remain in the majority for 35 straight years and expand from 12 seats to 27 – the largest supermajority in the Michigan’s modern political era.

Denise has managed coalition efforts and public relations campaigns for business, health care, energy, insurance, education and other Sterling clients. Additionally, Denise has emerged as a leading expert in renewable energy siting, helping clients throughout the Midwest create public engagement campaigns to support wind and solar development projects.

Denise holds a bachelor’s degree in public affairs management from Michigan State University.

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