Conservative Political Consulting & Public Affairs Firm | Sterling
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Our clients seek to win – and they do.

Founded in 1999, Sterling Corporation is Michigan’s premier conservative public affairs firm and the state’s top fundraising consultancy.


Located in Lansing, Mich., Sterling specializes in comprehensive political campaign management, issue advocacy, ballot initiatives, fundraising, and coalition development for corporations, trade associations, non-profits, and political candidates and committees all across the nation. We utilize our extensive knowledge of the state, regional and national political landscapes to mobilize our clients’ targets – whether that means voters, donors, consumers, community leaders, or public officials – to influence policy and win campaigns.


Unlike ordinary political consulting, public relations, or issue management companies, Sterling’s smart, relentless approach blends aggressive campaign-oriented tactics, targeted top-notch messaging, unique understanding of voter attitudes and strong relationships with government decision makers, political leaders, donors, and key influencers to produce victories for our clients.


Sterling is a subsidiary of Lambert, Edwards & Associates, a top-10 Midwest-based PR firm and a top-20 investor relations firm nationally with clients based in 20 states and six countries.


Sterling achieved its reputation as Michigan’s top conservative public affairs firm and fundraising consultancy thanks to our tight-knit team of talented individuals committed to securing our clients’ success every time.


Working with Team Sterling means working with experts. Our clients’ success is not our goal – it’s the outcome.